Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I did it!  Here is my first ever completed blanket!!  (I used Vicky Howell's Chevy Baby Blanket pattern).  I don't exactly know how long this took to make but I DO know that I did it very, very quickly.   When I started it I didn't even have plans to see the friend I made it for, but plans were made when I was only a few rows in so I had to work quickly.  In fact, I finished it within an hour of meeting with her.  WHEW!

Unfortunately, due to my haste, mistakes were made.  I spotted this one too late (I had already done another seven rows):


If I didn't have a deadline I probably would have gone back corrected my mistake but I just didn't have time.  But look...if I pull a little here and poke a little there, it's gone!

Like magic! (okay...not really)

 THIS is magic.  

(P.S.  The model in the first photo is a child's chair...not a full-sized chair)


  1. This is gorgeous - do you do them in big girl's sizes? Could do with a new snuggle-under for winter! Am a big fan of Wee Wonderfuls too. Love Max (of the magic belles) xx

  2. Thank you, Max! I could definitely make a big girl blanket. Let me know if you'd like me to make you one.

  3. SO pretty. I love that grapey stripe. Don't worry about the slip - my old quilter's group used to say that if you can't see it from the back of a galloping horse, it doesn't matter.

  4. love your colour choices! don't worry about making mistakes, I doubt anyone notices (they are usually too busy admiring your creation)