Saturday, 8 October 2011


A few weeks ago, my friend Lydia wrote on my facebook wall in response to me expressing a desire to own this book.

"Bria, I have a proposal for you:
You make me some awesome kind of raggy doll thing, with typical Bria flare and creativity, and I will draw you a picture. We can swap gifts when I come see you in Nov :¬) xx"

Let's quickly go over a few facts:
  1. I have never (ever) made a doll.  Ever.
  2. I have not positioned myself in front of a sewing machine in years.
  3. Oh!  But I DO have a brand new sewing machine!

So all I have to say is...

1 comment:

  1. Good luck on your doll! The table I have is indeed from IKEA. The Jokkmokk. I checked the website of the UK and it is more expensive there :-S. Strange. But I love this diner set! We have a very small house so this table is perfect for just the two of us and people can also join since we have 4 (tiny) chairs!