Thursday, 13 October 2011

Should have made a pillowcase

If you're like me and haven't sewn in a long time, take my advice and do NOT make a little doll your first project.  Make something like a pillowcase...or a tote bag.  Anything with lots of straight lines. The pattern I'm using is easy enough but the pieces are small...with curves!  I'm getting through it but not without many mistakes and do-overs.  Honestly, if I had just a little more experience I could have finished it in an evening.  Easily.

Here are a couple of my 'oops' moments (sorry about the horribly dark photos):


My stitches are all wrong in both pictures but I've worked everything out now...after some trial and error(s). 

I've also been working on a new blanket for my friend Max of Magic Belles.  I'm using the same yarn, hook and pattern that I used for the baby blanket I finished recently...except I chose not to work into the front and back stitches.  The result is that the stitches are spaced pretty far apart:

I'm liking it, though.  The colors are fun and bright and I think Max's daughter will like it too.

Finally, I'm not the only crafty one in the family.  Today my son made his first pasta picture at toddler group.

 I might have helped a little...


  1. Yaaayyy! I LOVE IT! Dulcie is going to be over the moon. Bring on the cold weather, can't wait to snuggle up under this watching kid's DVDs and eating cookies. Thank you!! Max xx

  2. Are you a perfectionist? :)

    Honestly, those don't look very oops-y to me. They look like normal sewing. (I know, our errors are so glaring to ourselves.)

    Have fun with the doll-making, and the blanket is so pretty. It makes me think of rainbow sherbet.

  3. Hee hee. :) I'm trying (so hard) to keep the details of the doll a secret (as requested by the lovely Lydia) so I can only show a tiny bit. Really...the mistakes were pretty bad. I'll have to show some of my first attempts after she's all done and living in her new home (after November 5th...ugh...I hate keeping secrets).