Friday, 28 October 2011

57 Days...

...Until Christmas!  Can you believe it?  This year has flown by so quickly that I swear it's still August  (especially because it's so nice out today).  Thanks to a 1/2 off toy sale at our local grocery store, my husband and I have pretty much finished shopping for our little guy.   While that's certainly a relief, there's still SO. MUCH. TO. DO.  I still need to finish the chevy blanket for my friend, Max, as well as make gifts for many of the lovely ladies in my family.  I have an idea of what to make for a couple of people but I'm otherwise totally stumped.  Luckily, my copy of Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts!  Lacy Crochet arrived today and there are so many great projects in it.

While on the subject of Christmas, I can actually share one of the gifts I made because I've already given it.  Truth be told, I'm always pretty lousy at waiting to give people gifts (that is, when I'm not being lousy about even getting/making a gift at all) but this time I really had to.  When my cousin was here I showed her a picture of the scarf I made for my mom and she loved it (so much that she asked where to find the pattern so she could make some for friends).  Then, as we were talking about yarn, I showed her the various colors of King Cole Riot that I like to use and she pointed at the exact yarn that I used for her gift (I KNEW she'd like it since her favorite color is orange).  It was meant to be.

Ta-da!  Another Queen Anne's lace scarf!  I love making these. 

Anyway, I'm hoping to get another 6 or 8 rows done on the chevy blanket this weekend as well make a doily or two.  Maybe I'll even make another Christmas gift. 


  1. I keep thinking it's still August too (or that it ought to be). Somehow the late summer and fall have rushed by at tremendous speed.

    The book looks like a lot of fun - that little coin purse is adorable.

    What gorgeous yarn!

  2. I adore crocheting, it's my next skill to learn. Knitting hasn't worked out well and I hear crocheting is much easier. Hooray for free lessons.

  3. By coincidence I am making a Queen Ane lace scarf at the moment with King Cole Riot but the purple/green/brown/blue colourway..mine is not as even as yours though as it is only the second thing I have done, the first was a Iris shawl with the same colours as your scarf..I love the look of the yarn but sadly find it a bit scratchy on my neck ..will have to give them away as pressies!..Like your blog:~))

  4. I just discovered the Queen Anne lace pattern and I made two this week. I love it! Yours turned out beautiful in that yarn! Merry Christmas!