Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Meet (baby) Amyrlin!

I can't believe I've waited four whole days to share this, but here is the little doll I made for my friend Lydia.


(Baby) Amyrlin is modeled after Lydia's night elf druid on World of Warcraft.  She's an avid pet collector in the game so, of course, I had to make an amigurumi hyacinth macaw as well.  (Luckily, Lydia recognized both dolls as what I meant them to be - thank you, facial markings!)

This was a great project for me because I got to try several new things.  My first doll, my first embroidered face and my first amigurumi.  I'm delighted with how everything turned out...especially the hyacinth macaw.  I now have three more sets of safety eyes so I look forward to making some more amigurumi critters.

As far as the doll...well...I want one too, but I think I'll wait until I hone my sewing skills a little before attempting another one.

(Baby) Amyrlin was made using a Bit of Whimsy pattern and I used Lion Brand's parrot pattern for the hyacinth macaw.

Tomorrow I'll share what Lydia made for me!


  1. Fantastic work! That macaw is simply adorable. Don't wait too long to make a doll for yourself ... or it might end up in Never Project Land. You really did a great job.