Sunday, 25 September 2011


A few weeks ago I finished my very first scarf.  I found this super easy pattern for a lovey cascade scarf and knew I had to make it.  After staring at yarn online for half a day, I finally chose the color 'magic' from King Cole Riot and I wasn't disappointed.  I'm not a huge fan of purple but I forgive this yarn for being so purpley because it's so nice to work with and I love all the other colors (especially the blue!).




One of my favorite things about this scarf is the large, loose stitches.  I'm completely mesmerized by them (yes, I am that easily entertained).  I was originally planning on making a bunch of these for Christmas presents but I think my plans have changed.  Although I loved making this and I really like the result, I don't want to get stuck in a rut (oh, did I mention that I also made one in black?).

Anyway, time for some technical stuff
Yarn:  King Cole Riot (Magic)  30% wool, 70% acrylic
Hook:  7mm
Changes to the pattern:  I only chained 160 (instead of 170) so I wouldn't run out of yarn. 

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